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To celebrate the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Canucks approached our team requiring a platform to highlight what’s happening and popular in the Canucks world in real-time, while enabling fans to share their favourite Canucks fan content back out to social networks.

Presenting us with a dual design and development challenge, we decided to build a first-of-its-kind mobile platform that would aggregate fan-generated images and video from multiple social channels, and without compromising the fluidity or interactivity of the experience, work seamlessly from any mobile (and tablet and desktop) device, and on the most common web browsers.


Coupling exceptional user experience with an addictive design, we delivered, an interactive website that leverages fan-generated content from across the social web to unite the Canucks nation. The site uses pre-defined hashtags and a unifying algorithm to automatically pull tagged media from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and FourSquare, into an engaging fan mosaic.

By tracking likes, tweets, and votes – both externally to the site and from social functionalities embedded within – allows posts receiving the most attention to float to the top and increase in size with popularity. To further ensure most popular content is easiest to find, the site incorporates a daily tracker to record each day of the playoffs as a snapshot so viewers may re-live the excitement of each day’s events.

To optimize fan engagement, we crafted the site responsively. Providing a continuous experience from smartphone to desktop – along with every device, screen size and browser in between – ensuring viewers can participate to their full extent, wherever they may be.


In time for the Canucks’ first playoff game of the season, the award-winning marketing microsite launched and quickly became fans’ go-to destination for the latest and greatest Canucks content. In its short two-week run, over 7,000 pieces of content were submitted and viewed in over 40,000 visits to the site that averaged 3:00 minutes on site per visit, most of which came through mobile devices – a major engagement win for the franchise.


  • Responsive microsite united Canucks nation with fan-generated images and videos
  • Site pulled tagged content from social media into a crowd-sourced tapestry
  • Over 40,000 visits in just 2-weeks made it a major win for the franchise

Web Marketing Association's WebAward Outstanding Achievement: Sports 2012

W3 Award Silver Winner: Sports Microsite 2012

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