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TransLink aimed to build on the momentum of their successful Vancouver 2010 Olympics TravelSmart campaign by continuing to promote sustainable travel imperatives to Metro Vancouverites. The goal was to relieve pressure on the regional transport system by balancing the peaks and troughs of transit ridership. To drive home the sustainable travel message, TransLink established TravelSmart as a separate consumer-facing brand, and turned to us to build a platform that would withstand longevity through multiple phases to be introduced over the next several years.


We were given a brand template and asked to bring the TravelSmart brand to life online by incorporating the brand strategy into all aspects of the TravelSmart site.

Focused on delivering an easy-to-use website with relevant and engaging content, we developed through extensive user-consultation and research while tightly following user-centred design practices. We came up with a flexible design that framed informative content to match the tone of the overall campaign messaging: open, honest, community spirited - and always practical.

TransLink required a fully accessible website that encouraged the exploration of deep user pathways, and so we brought the vibrant brand to life in a way that doesn’t distract users from the core content. A content taxonomy was also created so that relationships between content could be established. This enabled us to create components on the site that would use algorithms in order to extract and present content relevant to the content they were currently viewing and to drive users to discover more information that may be relevant to them across the website. We also provided web content strategy expertise, and designed game-layer elements (badges, achievements and so on) to make the site stickier.


Within its first month of launch, the site earned over 9,000 registered participants and has grown to over 15,000 advocates, with a large number of brand champions across its social media channels. Among its many accolades, TravelSmart has been recognized as Best Web Application by Sitecore Site of the Year. TravelSmart’s initial success also led to the development of the TravelSmart Tracker, a responsively-designed web app, conceptualized, designed and built by FCV to encourage target users’ daily active participation in the TravelSmart brand and mandate.

"The program is a big part of helping us to achieve the region’s Transport 2040 vision of creating a more livable community." - Jhenifer Pabillano, TransLink


  • Campaign promoting sustainable travel in Metro Vancouver
  • Dynamic Google Maps integration supports TravelSmart choices
  • Social media integration attracted over 9,000 participants in the first 3 months

Sitecore Site of the Year Best Web Application 2011

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