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A division of TransLink, the BC Transit Police is a specialized police force dedicated to keeping Metro Vancouver’s transit system safe. With a mandate to prevent crime, it was no surprise – considering how central technology has become to crime fighting today – when they approached FCV for a brand new functional website.

Beyond being able to help transit riders while they’re on-the-go, Transit Police wanted the redesigned site to raise its appeal among potential recruits. To do this, we needed to design a site that would both give users a greater mobile experience, as well as highlight Transit Police officers’ duties and all the great work they do – and we had to do it really, really fast.


Maintaining ties to TransLink, we designed the new in TransLink’s signature colours and included the TransLink logo, but otherwise made Transit Police an exciting brand of its own, bringing it to life with bold imagery and a striking new design. Known as On Duty, the site serves as a separate portal into the world of Transit Police and with a streamlined interface, features news, recruitment opportunities, campaigns and facts.

Delivering a dynamic browsing experience, the site presents all the need-to-know news in a way that’s easy on the eyes and easy to understand. Instead of linking to various sections of content, a parallax scrolling interface seamlessly guides users through all the information they want on a single page without having to click on any links or buttons to get it. And with compelling background photography featuring scenes from a Transit Police officer’s day, it’s sure to keep users engaged along the way.

One of the site’s key features is its responsive design. By designing the site responsively, Transit Police can keep the public informed (and safe) while on-the-go, granting transit riders the ability to report incidents, identify suspicious persons and look up the latest news alerts on the spot, all without having to fumble around with a desktop site from a mobile device.


Helping to keep Metro Vancouver’s public transit system safe, the website launched to much fanfare in early 2013.


  • Transit Police needed to attract potential recruits and inform riders
  • Parallax scrolling interface and bold imagery brings the excitement of policing to life
  • Responsive design helps transit riders stay safe while they’re on-the-go

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Transit Police

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