Scotiabank's ScotiaGold VISA loyalty customers are offered a premium selection of flights, hotels and vacation packages. But with only a call centre available for redeeming their travel rewards points, there was a massive gap in the customer experience that we could fix with a new online platform and innovative technical integrations. 

How we made life better 

Built using Sitecore and leveraging multiple third-party integrations, we created an industry first –ScotiaRewards – a powerful digital platform that allowed customers to easily redeem loyalty points and book trips, all in one place. Highlights of the solution include:

•    User experience strategy: Our user-focused approach began with usability assessments of all major competitors, and focus groups with our target customers. This discovery work allowed us to develop a user experience strategy and map out user flows to ensure the interface was intuitive for customers. Once launched, traffic increased 10% every month for the first quarter, unprompted by marketing. 

•    Sitecore implementation: To manage the powerful integrations required and allow administrators a scalable CMS, we implemented Sitecore. The site helped to alleviate administrative efforts for Scotiabank, while also drastically reducing call centre traffic and costs. 

•    Mulitple system integrations: Combining travel inventories from multiple third-party reservation systems like Sabre and SoftVoyage, we delivered a multi-lingual, highly-configurable and secure solution that makes booking fast and simple with easy filtering controls and the ability to combine products into a single booking. The website consistently delivered over $20 million in travel bookings per year to a measurably more satisfied audience. 

•    Secure Single-Sign-On: We also integrated with to allow customers to seamlessly check their balance, redeem rewards and top up their points with just one login. This helped to shift 10% of previous call centre traffic online to ScotiaReward


  • Built using Sitecore 
  • VISA loyalty platform built for redeeming points on travel 
  • Integrated with third-party reservation systems
  • 10% of call centre traffic moved online 

Built on Sitecore

Interactive Media Award Best in Class: Travel/Tourism 2010

Interactive Media Award Best in Class: Financial Services 2010

New Media Awards Best in Industry: Travel 2010

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