Nuclear Waste Management Organization



NWMO’s dated website was disjointed and inaccessible, lacking accompanying search engine optimization, which resulted in their broad and diverse audiences being overwhelmed by other sources of misinformation and a mixed perception of the organization as a trusted leader in the energy sector.

How we made life better

Built using Sitecore 7.5 CMS, we transformed the NWMO’s data-heavy and complex website into a Level AA compliant, responsive website that allows users to easily navigate and find relevant information. Highlights of the solution include:

  • Enhanced information architecture: We redesigned their website with the various user needs in mind – building in different layers to satisfy each one – surfacing FAQ, while acting as a content repository, and allowing key stakeholders and media relations to dig deeper into the site to uncover more detailed information.
  • Prioritized content strategy: The original site housed 3,000 PDF reports for viewing, so content prioritization and a streamlined navigation were essential in allowing users to easily access relevant information. Based on these audience insights, we were able to effectively prioritize relevant content types and rewrite content to be more digestible for its many users.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): After establishing a content strategy, we included detailed meta-tagging for all content to ensure the new site was optimized. This helped to increase the NWMO’s search result visibility and combat competing misinformation for users, ultimately shifting the organization into a positive spotlight.
  • Responsive & user-centred design: By uncovering what the NWMO initiatives meant to each of its different public audience groups, we were able to create a user-friendly design that was Level AA compliant and accessible for users across multiple platforms. As the NWMO facilitates community meetings and press conferences across Canada, the site has acted as a trusted platform to direct audiences for information – whether on their phone, tablet or computer. 


  • Bilingual website redesign and development
  • Sitecore CMS implementation
  • Content strategy and copy writing  
  • Optimized search engine marketing
  • Responsive and AODA and WCAG Level AA compliant 

Built on Sitecore

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