Metrolinx’s longstanding website was designed for desktop users but they needed a mobile version of the site to enhance how it was serving their increasingly mobile audience of daily commuters.

How we made life better

Rather than just duplicate the existing GO Transit desktop website, we designed a user-focused mobile experience, leveraging Mobify, that was accessible across any device and modern browser to provide commuters schedules and real-time transit information. Highlights of the solution included:

  • Enhanced user experience: By expanding upon existing user research insights, including creating segmentation personas and customer experience maps, detailed user journeys, and a roadmap of features, we were able to design streamlined pages that made finding information easy for users on the go. Aligned with user needs, the mobile site serves over 250,000 commuters on a daily basis.
  • Real-time data integration: We designed real-time features and a custom schedule search to utilize Metrolinx’s API. Commuters’ reaction to the enhanced experience was so positive that GO Transit decided to terminate its long-time existing mobile app, directing all users to the mobile site.
  • Accessible & bilingual: Designing the mobile interface in compliance with Level AA accessibility standards and making content available in both English and French, we were able to create a mobile experience that was capable of serving all users.
  • Ease-of-use for administrators: By drawing content from both the existing desktop website and real-time transit information website, the new user-focused mobile site minimizes duplicated effort, maintenance time and cost.


  • Real-time features and custom search functionality
  • Accessible on almost any mobile device
  • Serves 250,000 commuters daily
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