Destination British Columbia


For four consecutive years and counting, we’ve been Destination BC’s (DBC) dedicated development partner – redesigning and developing user-focused digital properties to market British Columbia as a world-class travel destination. We implemented Kentico CMS and helped DBC develop a powerful digital ecosystem, complete with user-focused properties to support their marketing efforts and engage unique audiences. Since setting up their digital framework, we’ve created numerous user-focused solutions that include:

•    HelloBC: We developed DBC’s public-facing website to serve international and national audiences looking to explore British Columbia. For Chinese audiences, we created a customized version of the website which integrated with social media platforms Youku and Weibo to drive social engagement. The site was a great success, receiving Kentico’s Best Tourism/Travel Site of the Year award. 

•    Destination BC corporate website: To help keep DBC stakeholders and its partners informed, we developed its corporate website, which features the latest news, organizational updates and program information. This responsive website helps brings together different tourism partners, allowing them to easily access DBC’s market data and learn about ongoing program initiatives. 

•    BC Explorer: This innovative platform allows users to uncover details about photos of BC that are featured in Instagram posts. Users can find out details about the Instagram posts, such as where it is and how to get there to experience it for themselves.  
•    Campaign sites: Collaborating with DBC and its marketing partners, we’ve helped develop numerous websites to support ongoing marketing campaigns, including the highly successful 100 BC Moments campaign and ExploreBC blog. Our work has helped contribute to DBC efforts that have attracted over 9 million visitors a year.


  • DBC’s digital partner since 2012
  • 4 showcase responsive experiences launched so far
  • Promoting BC internationally to help attract over 9 million visitors every year 

Built on Kentico

Kentico Site of the Year Best Travel and Events Site 2014

Interactive Media Awards Best in Class Award: Blog 2013

Interactive Media Awards Best in Class Award: Travel/Tourism 2013

W3 Awards Silver Winner: Tourism 2013

W3 Awards Silver Winner: Tourism 2013

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