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WorkBC’s informative content and career planning services could significantly help BC job seekers and employers, but its multiple websites were difficult to navigate and failed to demonstrate the value of its offerings.

How we made life better

Initially engaged for a user experience review, assessment and “quick-win” improvements to their existing public website, we identified the need to completely redevelop the large-scale website. We implemented Kentico CMS to better showcase content to users while providing internal administrators ease-of-use managing their extensive technical ecosystem. Highlights of the solution include:

  • Customer experience strategy: After conducting qualitative and quantitative research activities with WorkBC stakeholders, we developed a roadmap for now, next and future – highlighting key actions needed to help them better serve BC job seekers and employers. By enhancing the customer experience, WorkBC was able to shift perceptions and received international recognition from User Experience Magazine for Best Public Service Experience.
  • Prioritized relevant content: Creating a scalable information architecture, we organized large volumes of content and data into small digestible chunks and used best practices to optimize designs for high traffic.
  • Interactive custom tools: We also developed several interactive tools to breakdown WorkBC’s dense labour market data into usable data for users. Creating these self-serve tools to help job seekers and students map a career path and learn about relevant career opportunities, WorkBC was able to empower audiences and demonstrate the value of its data.
  • User experience enhancements: Architecting the site based on both employers and job seekers’ needs, we were able to design an easy-to-navigate, cohesive website experience. We also streamlined the process for users to create a secure account to post and apply for careers within its Job Bank. In the first 3 months, the site had a 300% increase in registered employers with over 7,000 users who were posting up to 400 new jobs per day; over 10,000 registered job seekers; and a total of 12,300 job postings


  • Responsive website redesign and development
  • Kentico CMS implementation
  • Customized self-service online tools
  • 300% increase in registered users 

Built on Kentico

Silver Award Winner- User Experience

Strategy of the Year Finalist

Design for Experience Awards Semi-Finalist: Public Sector Experience 2014

Design for Experience Awards Semi-Finalist: Bringing Order to Big Data 2014

BCTIA Technology Impact Awards Adoption of Technology 2014

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