Working at FCV: How we make life better

October 14, 2016

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We get a lot of people asking what it’s like to work at one of Canada’s largest independent user-focused agencies. So as a member of our busy HR team, I thought it’d be neat to take you behind the scenes. After nearly 3 years interviewing and onboarding dozens of FCVers, running our social committee and organizing everything from summer picnics to our annual team entry into the Whitecaps Corporate Cup, there isn’t much I don’t know about life at FCV! So buckle up, and we’ll go take a look at 3 of the biggest things behind FCV’s unique vibe.

Our team

While our goal is always to make life better for our clients and their users, the same holds true for our own team of developers, strategists, interactive designers, service designers and customer experience experts. FCV is one big integrated family built on collaboration, with every employee in our organization relying on the support of other team members.

Over the past 11 years, FCV’s culture has evolved as our team has grown – with new team members introducing new ideas and ways of thinking that feed into our internal community. And with that, comes all kinds of differences for us to share and celebrate every day - from music to sports teams to funny stories about our kids and pets. From ultra-competitive ping-pong and Mario Kart to regular potlucks, there’s a whole host of clubs for running, hiking, reading and more. All of these things help us to see the world from as many viewpoints as possible – which is key when you’re trying to build insightful user-focused experiences that really do make life better.

Our offices

The bulk of our time is spent in four stunning offices located across Canada – along with a growing presence in the U.S. Spanning four time zones means we’ve become masters of internal communication – with a ton of collaborative tools to help us get things done side-by-side even when we’re 3000 miles apart.

And you won’t find any cubicles at FCV – we’re big believers in project pods, whiteboards and sticky notes – so many sticky notes! When we’re not busy scribbling ideas on walls or putting prototypes together, we’re pausing to look out of the window for inspiration. Each of our offices was carefully selected for their location and panoramic views. From our desks, we can gaze out at mountains, cruise ships, the CN Tower, and both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Our work

Everyone at FCV supports each other, sharing skillsets and exploring new industry best practices. We care passionately about the work we do. Our methodologies and approaches have evolved over the years to reflect user behaviour and we’re always innovating to help shape the agency’s future.

As specialists in transformational public sector projects, we’ve all grown to be experts in a wide variety of verticals and we’ve amassed a huge amount of best practice knowledge that we apply to new projects – making each one even more closely targeted than the last. And in keeping with our strict user-focus, everyone treats each other with the utmost respect – there’s no room for egos round here!

So if you’re interested in joining our team, keep an eye on our open positions and reach out to us either here on the website or via LinkedIn – we’re always looking for smart people to join us and help make life better!

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