Know your market. Know your customers.

June 14, 2016

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Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your customers better? Businesses today saturate themselves in analytics to help guide product or service development, marketing and sales strategies. They feed off endless data covering everything from target audience ages, genders to lifestyles and preferences.

To remain competitive, organizations need to understand their customers’ purchase and service experience as well as their buying patterns. But to do this, they need to study the motivations - the why - behind customer behaviour through user research.   

User research uncovers how people emotionally respond to products or services, how they interact with them in real world situations and crucially, where the gaps are. Because it’s in those gaps where innovation opportunities are waiting to be discovered.

To show how user research can help grow your business, our Senior Director of User Experience, Karyn Zuidinga created the webcast: Know your market. Know your customers.

Karyn has over 10 years’ experience developing programs for some of the world’s biggest brands including AT&T, Amazon and Samsung. In just 15 minutes, she’ll walk you through the basics with easy to understand examples, proven stakeholder buy-in strategies and practical takeaways.

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