Five epic years, one great party

June 10, 2010

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January 15th, 2010 marked the fifth anniversary of FCV. This marked a very special anniversary since FCV started from such humble beginnings and has become one of the fastest growing companies in our sector in Vancouver.

When FCV was created in 2005 we had three staff members, a one-room office above Rodney’s Oyster House and a card table and folding chairs to work from.

We've grown to employ over 40 staff members, got recognized as one of the five largest interactive agencies in Vancouver and have become an award-winning agency.

To honour the accomplishments of the past five years we hosted an evening to celebrate and say thank you to our employees, our clients, our partners and our friends.

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FCV’s "V" party was held at The Loden Hotel in the halo penthouse suite. The venue was flawless. The penthouse consisted of the entire top floor of the hotel, boasting 1600 square feet finished with marble floors, textural wallpaper, and contemporary furnishings. There were flower arrangements displayed throughout, along with several large flat screen TV’s that were headlining an FCV-created reel of our work and culture. The Loden’s catering staff were circulating throughout the suite offering savoury canapés, bartenders served ice cold bottles from the massive jacuzzi filled with ice and the DJ was mixing upbeat vinyl on the turntables.

FCV staff, clients, partners and friends alike were present to acknowledge this noteworthy milestone. Industry leaders such as entertainment columnist Cat BarrVancouver Magazine and NBC’s host/model Graison Foster-Stemper made time to join our celebrations. We were also very pleased that some clients were able to join the FCV celebration; they included TransLink, the Canadian Tourism Commission and the Royal Bank of Canada, as well as our community partners, the Canadian Cancer Society and Special Olympics.

Graison Foster-Stemper introduced FCV President Johann Starke before he made a speech to thank his employees, FCV's clients and business partners, and his family and friends for their contribution to helping the digital agency reach this important milestone.

Champagne was taken from the ice-filled bathtub, popped and shared; the DJ cued up “I’ve got a feeling” from the Black Eyed Peas, and the energy in the suite crackled with excitement.

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As the crowd thinned out, the coat check offered up gift bags that included some FCV momentos. We were deeply humbled to see just how many people we have positively influenced in our organization's history and its’ titanic growth.  Watch this space for FCV's 10th Birthday soiree!  

To be continued…

pssst. thanks for the props from Cat Barr:

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