FCV Interactive partners with province to launch Labour Market Navigator

April 12, 2013

labour market navigator press release

VANCOUVER, BC – Leading digital agency FCV Interactive has partnered with WorkBC to launch the Labour Market Navigator, a responsive tool built to broaden the accessibility of valuable labour market data to BC residents. Another example of how the government is embracing digital solutions, the tool transforms dense labour market data into simple infographics that help BC job seekers make informed career decisions that meet the Province’s labour market demand.

A first of its kind in North America, the Labour Market Navigator translates up-to-date labour market statistics and census data into relevant and easy-to-understand infographics organized by BC region, industry and occupation. Designed responsively, the tool displays career-specific information such as average salary, workforce demographics, employment rate and geographical demand forecasts, enabling users to easily navigate the latest trends of over 500 BC occupations – from desktop, tablet or mobile device. Complete with future outlook visualizations and access to current job openings posted on WorkBC.ca, the Labour Market Navigator provides users with the tools to plan for their present needs, as well as for the future.

“When planning your career future, it’s vital to understand the outlook of an industry before making any decisions, but often this information is difficult to find and interpret,” explains Johann Starke, FCV’s President & CEO. “The Labour Market Navigator takes all the guesswork out of labour market statistics; it no longer feels like you need an economics degree to understand how BC’s labour market trends can be used to map out your career path.”

WorkBC Director of Products and Services Jennifer Wray views the Labour Market Navigator as a win/win situation for job seekers and for the Province. “For anybody wondering 'Am I in the right industry?' or 'Is this a good time to be entering this job?' the Labour Market Navigator can help them make the right decision,” says Wray. “And by helping to ensure people are moving into viable and high demand positions across the Province, the impact could mean a stronger economy for BC.”

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