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October 22, 2010


VANCOUVER, BC – Langara Fishing Adventures began over 25 years ago, when they welcomed their first guests to Langara Island, a little-known destination in British Columbia's remote Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).  Offering the most abundant salmon fishing on the West Coast, amidst an environment of pristine wilderness and spectacular wildlife, Langara quickly established a reputation as one of the world's best destinations for fishing.

Over the years, Langara has introduced thousands of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to the beauty and bounty of their incredible location. An unwavering attention to service, and constant refinements of their operations, has earned Langara a return guest rate that often exceeds 70 percent. Yet in recent years they were having difficulty attracting a new audience in an increasingly competitive market.

Langara turned to FCV Interactive to help create an online experience that both engages their existing clientele and strongly portrays the quality of their adventures to new guests.

“Langara Fishing Adventures has built its reputation by offering a world-class experience, both on and off the water,” says Mike Randall, Marketing Manager, Langara Fishing Adventures.  “Every single aspect of our business is focused on delivering a quality and lasting client experience – from the first moment they contact us, to managing the logistics of their trip and maintaining a relationship with them afterwards. We are launching this new website as an extension of our service offering – so our guests can better plan their adventure and share their experience with us and their friends across our social networks.”

The site offers wide images that resize to fit the visitor’s screen so they are immersed in the Langara environment. It has mega drop-downs and intuitive navigation so that people planning a trip can access the information they need, when and where they need it. People can see what’s happening at Langara via a single news feed, which integrates Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube updates.

The new online experience hosts up-to-date fishing reports and gives customers an opportunity to upload their own photographs and stories, and refer their friends after their trip. This fresh information and the opportunity to connect with other members of the “Langara Family” maintains the company’s founding commitment to extremely personalized service.

“With this next generation site, we have facilitated greater connectivity amongst the Langara guest community. People can plan their next fishing adventure, connect and share stories about the Langara Fishing experience.” said Johann Starke, President, FCV.

About Langara Fishing Adventures:

Langara Fishing Adventures provides all-inclusive sport fishing and wildlife adventures in British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) and interior Chilcotin region.  From the abundant waters of Langara Island, to the quiet rivers of Haida Gwaii and the remote Chilcotin wilderness, Langara’s five lodges offer luxurious access to the very best of BC’s diverse wilderness, wildlife and sport fishing opportunities. For more information visit www.langara.com

About FCV Interactive

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