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July 23, 2010


CALGARY, AB – It’s the people you meet as much as the geography you experience that makes for a memorable vacation. In Jasper you’re blessed with stunning mountains, lakes  and glaciers but also a warm welcome from the locals. The www.jasper.travel site was redeveloped to capture all of these elements. By including a section which encourages visitors to engage with Jasper locals online visitors planning a trip can interact with blogs, videos, photos and social media accounts to get a real sense of the local experience.

One element of the site, My Jasper Story, has a dedicated microsite, which immerses visitors in what it’s like to be in Jasper, and what Jasper means to people who have visited. People get to hear, through the embedded audio, real people’s voices telling their first-hand story of what Jasper offers.

The site integrates with the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Emotional Quotient  (EQ) Traveller Types which aims to deliver more targeted content and offers to the audience. For example, cultural explorers or history buffs would access different information so that the most compelling content could be provided to optimize relevant offer delivery.

Jasper Time is a feature on the homepage that visually depicts what is taking place in Jasper at that very time. The system reads your computers’ local time and loads the image that correlates to what is happening in Jasper at the same time, then it rolls on and takes you on the Jasper journey. These featured Jasper Time elements link through to sections in the site that relate to the travelers’ EQ type.

Johann Starke, President & CEO, FCV, said: “We are delighted to be able to assist Tourism Jasper in promoting their destination using digital media. The content management system they are using, with sophisticated social support, will assist in telling the story of Jasper to the world.”

“The new website serves the needs of people evaluating Jasper as a holiday destination as well as the operators they need to connect with.” 

About Tourism Jasper:

Tourism Jasper is an independent organization established by, and in partnership with, the Jasper Chamber of Commerce. Their objective is to promote Jasper as a tourist destination to local and international markets.

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